It's time to have your own AI

We create private environments with specialized and personalized chatbots for your organization
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Custom-trained with your proprietary data

We train chatbots with your data, enabling them to tap into your knowledge base. 
They can summarize, reply to emails, review contracts, and compile reports, all while ensuring your company’s information remains confidential.


Everytime you use Chat GPT you are giving away your knowledge

all in one

Empower your business with our versatile platform, supporting any AI model – from GPT to Gemini and beyond, all in one seamless integration. 


It's time to have your AI working for you

your data

your AI

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unlimited data

Enjoy the freedom to train your own AI chatbot with unlimited data uploads

Manage users and departments

Invite your team mates and create departments to have your AI orginized as your business structure


Speed data access

Easily find the piece of evidence and documents used by the AI to elaborate the answer


Create specialized Assistants for each task, position or department


Personalized Solutions

We also develop personalized solutions and integrations for your company.


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