As a result of our experience in the development and implementation of AI solutions, we propose a solution based on three main axes:




We start where ChatGPT ends


Through tailored training, workers learn:

  • What is AI and how does it work and what are its limitations
  • What is the expected impact of this technological disruption on the labor market, productivity, business models, etc.
  • What are the risks?
  • Existing AI tools
  • Prompt engineering and how to use the main tools (ChatGPT, Midjourney, …)
  • Main trends in this area
  • How can we immediately implement these tools in our day-to-day life?

Revolutionizing business with artificial intelligence:
Driving innovation and efficiency step by step


In this phase, an analysis and definition of tasks and processes will be carried out that will make it possible to establish a guide of what are the key and priority points to address the automation of processes through AI

Individual interviews: A series of personal interviews will be conducted with the key people of to understand which are the most important processes of the organization and their improvement points.

Revolutionizing business with artificial intelligence:
Driving innovation and efficiency step by step

Artificial intelligence won’t take your job away
but a person who knows how to use it does

AI developmentS

Once the objectives and scope of the project have been defined, a technological development proposal adapted and personalized to the organization’s needs will be made, for example, with the creation of a generative AI chatbot. These chatbots have 3 key features:


The personalized chatbots are trained with the organization’s own information (product catalog, conversations with customers, training, presentations, etc.).

Data privacy

Unlike other solutions like the widely used ChatGPT, our chatbots maintain data privacy in a controlled environment, so if you give a customer information to the question (Prompt) that information is not shared with the developer company.


Since it is self-developed, it allows us to grow them according to the company’s needs and facilitate their integration into our own systems. For example, they can be integrated into WhatsApp channels, customer service forms or can be supplemented with other functionalities (text-to-voice, …)

Amb la intel·ligència artificial avançarem impulsant canvis positius en empreses i comunitats

Use cases

We put AI to work

Personalized chatbot, trained with company information and privacy to support the customer service team

In our recent collaboration with Fluidra, we conducted an innovative proof of concept (POC) for the creation of a Personalized Chatbot trained with the company’s own information, demonstrating the transformative power of our personalized solutions with i.a. This pioneering project is the starting point of a revolutionary transformation that will have an impact at all levels of the organization, from the optimization of processes to the improvement of the customer experience. The result of the POC has reached 96% success in structured questions.

Belobaba is a Challenger Bank powered by Canal Bank of Panama. We are agents of Canal Bank and the relationship is supervised by the SBP (Superintendency of Banks of Panamá).

Token Khan

First Security Token in the world investing 100% in crypto and digital assets with an actively managed multi-strategy portfolio.

Crypto trading strategies with AI and Big Data social alerts

Financial markets, in addition to technical and fundamental analysis, are driven by the psychology of investors. Although historically it has not been given the same importance, technological advances in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are allowing us significant advances in this field. At Belobaba we have developed a Trading strategy based on social metrics that allows us to identify emotional states of euphoria or panic that help us interpret market trends, with a hit that allows us to obtain a performance above the market (BTC and ETH) . We capture a large volume of information from different social networks (Big Data) and classify this information using AI that allows us to define a market sentiment index for the more than 100 assets we are monitoring.

Artificial intelligence is the key to unlocking the hidden potential in data and transforming it into actionable knowledge


Driving technology for leading projects